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From my experience, there are two types of clients in real estate. Those who are rational and those who know that human nature is not rational. Behavioral economists like Dan Ariely, has had a long well-deserved day in the sun and is now being listened to at the highest levels. He asserts that human decision-making is extremely emotional, irrational and sometimes random. Neuroscience, neurobiology epigenetics help support it.

That’s why my Data-driven insights coupled with my emotionally intelligent approach will help you make the most informed decisions, based on a holistic understanding of what YOU really want. As someone clever once said, emotions lead to action, while thinking only leads to conclusions. Emotion fuels economies, wins elections. Emotion rules the world. I look forward to working with you.

About Geneva

I was born in Carmel by the Sea and have called San Francisco & the Bay Area home for over 25 years. I am a true Northern California native and leverage this locality to provide clients with true local expertise. I have experienced San Francisco’s changes and growth first-hand and have a detailed eye for understanding property value for buyers, sellers, and investors.

In parallel to real estate, I have 2 degrees and over 20 years of experience running my own photography business and have completed just as many years’ work in marketing, technology and media production. My experience with photography and these related fields gives me valuable insight when preparing a home for market and showcasing a home’s value in the best possible light. Combined with my affinity for helping clients achieve their ambitions, I have a unique advantage over other realtors.

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